There is no question that pollution in cities is a big problem our society is facing. But many of us have to live in a city for work reasons or commodity. Daily we breathe this polluted city air and we keep on doing it during many years. However plants, have a shorter cycle of life (in the case of vegetables it is a question of few months), meaning that they are a exposed to pollution a lot less time than we are. Furthermore, our vegetable gardens are located on roof terraces. Heavy metals and gases, having a higher density than the air, tend to accumulate in the lower part of cities. Therefore, in the higher levels of the city pollution’s concentration is lower. Another fact is that the vegetables traditionally produced intensively and distributed in supermarkets have been treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers that stays in the fruits and are then eaten by consumers. We promote organic agriculture and we do not use any chemical fertilizer or pesticide, so that our vegetables are healthier than the one found in the usual supermarkets.

Not at all. The rooftops of old buildings can support a weight of around 250k/m2, which means there wouldn't be a problem to install a garden that consists of a few pallets. Moreover, our gardening beds are made of wood and are elevated from the floor so that there is no risk of humidity inflatration. Apart from that, our garden beds have a water collaction system and drainpipe installed in a way so that any excess of water from the watering system instead of dropping on the floor is collected and reused. In case of other doubts that can arise or special characteristics of the building we work along with architects who can help us solve them.

The purpose of organic urban garden projects on the rooftops or terraces in the company offices is to create a space for leisure and different activities, which results in improving atmosphere, stress reduction of your employees, work efficiency increase. The nature of the initiative along with its social dimension contributes to green image of the company comitted to natural environment, to its employees and to its stakeholders.


Our vegetable gardens

No, there is no risk of humidity infiltration caused by garden due to the fact that our garden beds are elevated from the floor. This allows the air circulation and avoid water accumulation.

Gardening tables are made from pallets, which are used nowadays to make furniture and decoration elements. Side walls of the tables are made from first class wood and treated with linseed oil to make it resistant to exterior conditions.

Vegetables, legumes, aromatic and medicinal plants, edible floors, etc. Anything depending on space conditions, season and interest of the user.

Garden installations

Travel expenses are included for all installations within the city of Barcelona. Any installation out of the city of Barcelona will have transport expenses charged seperately, please consult directly with us. 

Accessible rooftops are prepared to support wieght. We have architects at our disposal who can assess the space and assure it's the case for any big projects. 

In general, it takes maximum one day if the total number of tables is not higher than 20.

Depending on the time of the year you will have to water more or less. As well it depends on the plants that you grow. Any doubts regarding this matter will be treated individually by our urban farmers on a case by case basis.


Garden maintenance

There are two options: the owner of the garden or Growinpallet. 1. The owner decides to do the maintenance. She/he will take care of it 100% (soil refill, plague fight and prevention), or else the owner can hire maintenance and assessment services of Growinpallet whenever needed. 2. Another option is to hire services of our urban farmers who will take care of the entire maintanence; while they are carring out the assessment tasks the owner can take part in maintenance work, if wishes so.


No, the maintanence price depends on the number of gardening beds and the location of the installation. The more tables the lower the price. For the installations outside Barcelona transportation expenses will be added, please consult directly with us for further details.

The urban farmer guarantee seasonable vegetable products during the whole year. The production quantity will vary denepdning on the sunlight in the garden and weather conditions.

If the customers wish so the vegetables can be collected directly by them. The urban farmer will inform you about the state of the growth of your vegetables and when it's the best time to collect them. In any case, the urban farmer can collect the crops for the client during the weekly visits, if the customer wishes so.

Our modules include water reserve to save to the maximum water usage and encourage an indepth root growth. In order to assure the right humidity of your garden at all times it's recommendad not to install automatic watering taking into account that you have time and necessary dedication, as well as some knowledge that can be shared with you by our urban farmer.

Yes. Growinpallet carries out as well automatic watering system installations, which is recommanded in order to assure optimized state of your garden, especially in the months of heat. We offer different watering systems: drip or flood irrigation: plugged to a tap or a water tank; equipped with timer or humidity probes.

Home gardens

There is no clear answer to this question, the production efficiency depends on the type of the vegetable and the season of the year. As well, it depends on the food habits of each person and the variety of vegetables consumed. In general, we could say that almost 10% of vegetable consumption for a family of 4 can be achieved from 1 suqare meter of garden.

Community gardens

The decision about what neighbours should have access is a decision of the whole community. The ubran farmer who does the maintanence should only have access to the garden, always at the same, agreed hour.