There are many reasons why you should install a rooftop garden. At Growinpallet we would like to encourage the growth of interest in urban agriculture in the city. This way each time there more people, families, schools, collectives, private companies and public organizations interested in the sustainable, urban agriculture practice.

While required work and installation for the mentioned need are not complicated, first approach and the integration process into this lifestyle sometimes can face economical, logistic, internal organization or aesthetic obstacles.

Growinpallet team's aim is to clarify any doubts or questions you might have while growing your own garden at home. Our urban farmers will not only install the garden but also will help you to overcome any obstacle you might encounter and to assure an abundant harvest of organic vegetables.


Our gardens are designed according to the conditions of each space and tailored to fit the needs of each user. We carry out the complete garden installation including the crop sections, waste water collection, soil, seedlings for the first cycle of cultivation. During the installation the Urban Farmer will provide the necessary information on basic maintenance needs of the garden.


Our experienced Urban Farmers are at the disposal of those who would like to know more about the organic urban farming and who would like to benefit from the therapeutic effects of gardening. Growinpallet offer you support based on fortnightly visits during which urban farmer will share with the user the technical knowledge on garden maintenance as well as how to maximize crop harvest.

  • Advice, support and training of the user in order to know how to take care of the garden.

    Visits: 2 monthly visits of the urban farmer.


We offer a regular visit service in order to guarantee an abundant production of high quality, organic vegetables throughout the year. This is a perfect service for those who would like to take advantage of their unused space with a purpose of enjoying the benefits of zero-meter-garden. The Urban Farmer will be in charge of all maintenance works and crop harvesting as well as she/he will design a crop rotation for your installation.

  • Garden maintenance, vegetable harvest and design of the crop rotation.

    Visits: 4 to 10 monthly visits of the urban farmer.

If you'd like to have a garden or you'd like us to visit your space please call 650 208 444 More info