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About us

It’s been some years since new ways of lifestyle and co-existing have emerged in the city, driven by the economic crisis and social changes.

Barcelona is the city of rooftops. Contrary to metropolises of other latitudes, its mild climate and an inexpensive way of construction made Barcelona the city of habitable roofs that are unused. Nevertheless, little by little there is more interest in these open spaces full of possibilities. At Growinpallet we believe that this space should be recovered and given to personal, community use, and to restore the biodiversity in the city.

About us

Growinpallet is a social and sustainable company that offers installation, maintenance, advice and support services on ecological urban gardens on unused roofs and terraces of Barcelona. Besides urban gardens installation, we develop and carry out the role as an Urban Farmer, the person that carries out the maintenance of your garden and offers support in order to guarantee an abundant and high quality harvest of organic vegetables.

Only with the sun light, soil, water and a bit of technical knowledge we all can contribute to turning unused urban areas into sustainable, edible urban landscape. The role of urban farmer goes beyond promotion of urban gardening, it’s to foster a conscious lifestyle that takes into consideration natural environment and the community. Through offering our services we aim to create an urban gardening network that would become a catalyst to ecological, economical and social change towards sustainability.

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