Best Shovel For Digging Up Roots

5 Best Shovel For Digging Up Roots [Worth Your Money]

The work involved in gardening is not simple. You will need to rake the leaves, dig up the dirt, and cut the lawn. Everything about gardening requires an investment of time and work. Therefore, if you do not have the appropriate equipment, it will be a laborious and difficult task for you to do. Time is another consideration in this scenario. We aim to finish our work before the deadline. 


Best Shovel For Digging Up Roots
Best Shovel For Digging Up Roots

If you have a passion for gardening, you probably like the aroma of freshly churned soil, cleared of any weeds or old roots and ready to be filled with your preferred seedlings. However, you will first need a robust shovel in order to reach there. When used by a skilled gardener, a quality shovel may perform the functions of a formidable weapon. 

It is not a simple task to find the shovel that is most suited for digging up roots. There is a plethora of choices available for consideration. When it can dig effectively without putting pressure on your back or your hands, a shovel performs at its best. It is also put to use in a variety of other gardening-related activities.

5 of the Best Shovel That Money Could Buy

This section will take a gander over the top 5 shovels for roots that you could buy. Note that these shovels are ranked according to their ratings and reviews on Amazon. We went to hundreds of reviews and articles to find the best selection for you so that you do not have to waste your precious time. Here is the list.

Fiskars Shovel

Fiskars Shovel

This particular shovel weighs 6 pounds and is bulkier than many of its rivals, being nearly twice as hefty as some of them in certain cases. Even while this does not affect the capacity to dig, it does make shoveling more difficult since the additional weight adds up rapidly when you consider that you have to move the bulk of the shovel in addition to the dirt or gravel that you are moving throughout the day. 

The disadvantage of having the blade welded to the grip is that if the handle breaks, you will not be able to repair it in the field; rather, you would have to ship it back to Fiskars to be replaced. This is the shovel that we would suggest using if the jobs or methods you do often include a great deal of diving, leaping, chopping, smashing, and overall hostility towards the earth. 

  • Durable gives you more control.
  • Lightweight
  • Flimsy Plastic Handle.

Radius Garden Root Slayer

Radius Garden Shovel
Radius Garden SHOVEL

Are you interested in purchasing the most effective shovel for gravel? If this is the case, the Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel is the tool you should use. Because of its construction and how well it performs on all sorts of terrain, this instrument is an absolute must. 

This shovel slices through even the toughest and most stubborn roots like butter. This shovel differs from other versions with pointed points in that its tip is shaped like an upside-down “V.” Because of how this tool is designed, you can apply greater force over a broader area, which results in a higher level of cutting efficiency. 

This shovel has broadsides that give secure support for the foot, allowing the user to apply greater power. Because of its serrated edges, it is now the most effective shovel for moving mulch that can be purchased. In addition to this, it weighs less and is more compact than previous generations.

  • Outstanding performance.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Highly rated and reviewed.
  • The shovel surface is small.
  • Bit uncomfortable grip

Root Assassin One Shot Garden Shovel

Root Assassin One Shot Garden Shovel

The Root Assassin is a specialist tool designed to cut through heavy roots impeding your next trench or post hole. Because of its thin blade, it is simpler to move and see in tight areas and holes. The blade itself contains offset, alternated teeth that allow for more effective back-and-forth sawing motion than versions with all teeth facing the same way. 

Finally, its entire carbon steel structure and welded blades are tough enough to withstand hundreds of tasks in our testing if they are not used for a pry. 

The Root Assassin is not “one shovel to conquer them all” because of its specific characteristics. It features a very thin blade that is not suitable for moving a large volume of soil in a brief period. The handle on the type we tried is 32 inches long, which is difficult on your shoulders unless you work close to the ground. Furthermore, a shorter handle equals less leverage.

 The Root Assassin cannot compare with or replace a standard wide-bladed shovel, but it is an excellent tool to keep on hand for excavating and transplanting small plants in your yards.

  • Lifetime replacements guarantee.
  • Very robust and lightweight
  • The blade occasionally bends.

Bully Tools Gauge Shovel

Bully Shovel With Fiberglass

You don’t care for the lightweight design or the particular fancy blades, do you? If that’s the case, this heavy-duty shovel in a traditional form is just what you need. This industrial shovel may be used for digging practically any hole you can imagine.

 The shovel is built in the United States from start to finish. The Bully Shovel has the ability to withstand harsh circumstances and cut through even the most stubborn of roots. 

Its 14-Gauge blades can penetrate tough soils and cut through robust roots just as effectively as consistently among best-selling versions. If you are interested in purchasing something of superior quality, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one of these items into your own house. 

Because it is made out of oak and fibreglass, its handle is almost unbreakable. Perfect for construction workers who are accustomed to lifting large objects. Because of its longer ferrule, it is far more robust than comparable components, which helps to ensure that the shaft remains attached to the scoop even when subjected to large impacts.

  • Strong grip
  • Durable
  • Made of Extra strong materials
  • The tip sometimes bends.

Hooyman Heavy Duty Shovel

Hooyman Heavy Duty Shovel​

The Hooyman Heavy Duty is the consumer favorite among the full-sized shovels we tested because it strikes the ideal balance between weight and durability while giving just enough ergonomic additions to deserve its status as the market leader. When we examined the Hooyman with an analytical mindset, we didn’t discover too much about this shovel that we didn’t like.  

A lighter shovel would’ve been better for ordinary shoveling. Still, it would not be as sturdy for prying up boulders and the general punishment that shovels are subjected to in everyday usage. At the point where the blade joins the shaft, there is a recessed area the size of a tiny pocket on the rear of the blade. 

After we were working in the mud, there was a little bit of dirt that built up here and there, but it didn’t hinder our digging at all, and it washed off easily with the water when we were done for the day.

The Hooyman is the perfect tool to have on hand if you’re searching for a multipurpose shovel that can be used for a variety of tasks. 

  • Two gripping spots
  • textured large step
  • The steel structure is long-lasting.
  • Blade with a little serration
  • A bit on the heavy side.

How to Choose the Right Shovel for Digging Up Roots

The equipment used for digging is not too sophisticated. They are straightforward to recognize and get. Selecting a high-quality option that won’t get damaged over several years should be your priority. Shovels may be found in various sizes, forms, and materials, depending on their intended use.

 It might not be easy to decide what to purchase at times. Before going out and purchasing a shovel, it is important to have a basic understanding of the many kinds of shovels available.

FAQs While buying best Shovel For Digging Up Roots

Q: Is it possible to replace shovel shafts?

Yes. You may replace it at any time with a brand-new one purchased from any hardware shop.

Q: What features should I search for in a shovel?

A sturdy, resilient blade and shaft are essential for any shovel type to guarantee that it can penetrate difficult terrain without cracking or breaking. The work should also influence the shovel blade’s size, mass, and form. More information on shovel kinds and what to search for in a shovel may be found in the “What to Consider” section above. 

Q: How can I determine which size of the shaft will work best for me?

Always start by thinking about your own height. It is recommended that the length of the shovel, from its pointed tip all the way up to its top, be comparable to the space that exists between the tips of your feet and the middle of your chest.


There is a diverse selection of shovels available, and not all are designed for unearthing objects and severing roots. Remember to take it into consideration before making a choice. When it comes to picking the greatest choice, the first step is to decide what kind of blade you want. Think of the weight, the ergonomics, and the quality of the material.  

Since you now know which shovels have received good ratings, you are in a position to pick the most effective shovel for removing roots.

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