clot's elderly residency

29/06/2013 (Clot)

In Clot's elderly residency, we built a 14m2  vegetable garden for its residents. In this project, we adapted our pallets to the physical conditions of its users, lifting them from the floor to make them more ergonomic, and installing a leachate water recollection system, to be then used again to water the plants.

Residencies for elderly, like hospitals and social care centers are places where it has been shown that practicing small scale urban agriculture has a beneficial effect on their health and recovery. A vegetable garden can be for them, a space for leisure o for recreational activities, even if they don't have an agriculture background, and allow them to make some moderate physical and mental exercises.

Hospitals through Japan and the USA already have created these spaces, that bring to its patients, organic, fresh, nutritious and delicious food that helps them in their recovery process.


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