manel's garden

02/01/2015 (Eixample Dret)

Manel had the idea of starting a garden on the terrace but the fear then not always work made him forget the idea. I thought that once assembled everything, then I would not know how to fix any problems or would end production and consequently losing money invested in assembling the garden.

One day you hear about our project and seeing that we offered the support of our urban farmers went to the pool. He was surprised at the ease and the treatment received by us and are also encouraged to have a vermicompost and reduce waste produced by your family.

The installation has two tables with legs and distribution of crop rotation facilitates box. The vermicompost has worms, which feed on the waste they produce. So they can start producing their own organic fertilizer.

Manel: "Watching how my garden grows makes my day, I'm willing to start eating from it!"


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