Neighbors San Luis

08/06/2013 (Gràcia)

This project in a Neighborhood Community in Gracia, was build in modules of different heights to allow a greater variety of crops, and an area with ​​higher tables to be accessible to the neighbors with ;less physical mobility. In this 10m2 project, we installed a leachate water recollection system, connected with a pump to be stored and then a returned to the garden when needed. A training session was also conducted with the neighbors, so they could learn the basic principles of urban organic farming, as a complement to the weekly visit from our urban farmers for maintenance. In collaboration with Asilvestrada who realized those tasks.

Vegetable garden in a city is an extra tool to create community and provide it with space for leisure and healthy activities, in spaces not used like roofs and interior patios. Besides being able to enjoy fresh vegetables fresh, families and neighbors also improve their social cohesion and enjoyment in this newly created space.


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