Material used in our urban gardens are recycled and reused and of low environmental impact. The base supports are recycled/reused from industry and any new material are purchased on the local market. All our seedlings come from local seeds and from organic farming.

Thanks to the ergonomic size of our gardening tables/beds our users can grow their fruits and vegetable in a healthy and comfortable way. Our modules of 1m 2 can be combined in order to create bigger urban gardens.

Growinpallet designs urban gardens according to the specific conditions of each space taking into consideration needs of each user in order to offer a suitable combination of seasonable fruits and vegetables. We organize the crops in squares, a technique that allows to optimise the space in order to achieve a high and diverse production, combining it with an efficient use of plant association, rotation, labour and water .

Urban Gardens

Since we all have different needs, you can request a personalized quote.

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